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Streamlining Finance

Welcome to Finalytics, your ultimate partner in financial excellence. We specialise in providing comprehensive financial services tailored to meet your unique needs through our innovative Finance as a Service (FaaS) through our subscription to the Centre of Financial Excellence (CoFE).

Our mission is to simplify your financial management, reduce cost, and most importantly help you utilise your finance department a core strategic asset within your business. We'll give you the comfort of informed decisions, best and worst case scenarios, as well as taking on the mundane tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

CoFE Modules

Accounts Payable
Streamline your accounts payable process to boost cash flow and operational efficiency.
Accounts Receivable
Streamline your billing and collections to accelerate revenue cycles.
Record to Report
Achieve accurate, compliant financial reporting with comprehensive real-time insights.
Payroll Management
Ensure precise, timely payroll processing to boost employee satisfaction and compliance.
Tax Compliance & Advisory
Navigate complex tax landscapes with expert filing and strategic planning to minimise liabilities.
Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
Drive sustainable growth with meticulous budgeting, forecasting, and in-depth financial analysis.


Finalytics transformed how we manage our projects and finances. We now have
a much clearer insight into every aspect of our operations, which allows us to
focus more on creativity and less on financial administration.
Julian, CEO &
Creative Director
JCross Videography
Finalytics has been instrumental in transforming our global financial operations.
We've streamlined our processes and gained invaluable insights that help us plan
more effectively for future events. It's truly aligned our financial strategies across
all markets.
Darren, CEO
WorldWide Solutions
Before Finalytics, we were navigating in the dark with our finances. Now, not
only do we understand our profitability, but we also have the tools to maintain
compliance and make strategic decisions that align with our mission. Finalyticshas been instrumental in transforming our business operations.
Jessica, CEO
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we lose control if we outsource our function?

Trusting an external partner with such a critical function can feel daunting. Rest assured, our response time is within 15 minutes, so it feels like you’re able to just pop your head around the corner. Experts will be contacted and respond within 2 hours if escalations are required.

Can we multitask if we outsource our function?

Hiring an employee does not always involve doing a specific set of jobs, so it can feel like outsourcing restricts what you can do. However, precisely because we specialise and refine our scope with decades of expertise, you have the time, resources, and deliverables to focus on far more important things in the company.

What if we already have an ERP?

It's a great start! We work with any ERP, so you don’t need to change it. If you want to shift, that’s fine, too! We’ll assist and even recommend the entire process.

What if we already have an internal team?

Even with full internal teams, there is often a significant knowledge gap surrounding various parts of the finance function. Additionally, there is
typically a low uptake of software in the region, leading to poorer timeliness and accuracy. Using Finalytics will upskill your existing workforce and supercharge your finance department's effectiveness. Add in the substantial utilisation of software, and you’ve got yourself a world-class team with a foundation of Finalytics.

Do we need a full finance department if we're only a small team?

We recommend getting in touch if you’re looking for basic bookkeeping to stay regulated, up-to-date, and compliant. There may be a slimmed version of our services that is a better starting point. We’ll always analyse the business individually and as a whole, allowing us to identify the best focus areas.

What if we already close the month end fast?

Congratulations on being in the minority of companies that can do this! Ultimately, there will always be improvements to make, and we will build on your fantastic foundations with our expertise and tooling to create value in more complex areas of finance.

What if we already have experts inhouse?

That’s great news! Having internal experts is always beneficial. Finalytics has decades of cumulative experience in areas ranging from enterprise transformation to start-up scrappiness. Our team includes CFOs, directors of huge enterprises, consultants, and highly tuned accountants. You will have access to experts across the entire function.

What happens if your service is slow or inaccurate?

We understand the critical nature of speed and accuracy in financial services. That’s why we have rigorous quality control processes and a dedicated team to ensure high standards. If any issues arise, we guarantee a swift resolution process to minimise disruptions to your operations.

How do I know you’ll be able to improve?

We operate on a pilot basis, meaning we implement our processes, software, and knowledge within the first 3 months on a non-committal pilot to ensure we provide maximum value as soon as possible, consistently and scalable. If there are no improvements in speed, accuracy, stress levels, or other key metrics, you can choose not to renew the pilot. We are committed to delivering maximum value and delivering on our promise to you.